How We Work?


Our Tiffin Sleuths are always on the lookout for tiffin service providers in different areas of the city. Some come looking for us, others we sniff out. Of course, not everyone makes it as they must fulfil our Standards & Conditions. If you have a recommendation that isn’t on our list, do let us know! And if you are a service provider, register with us for a unique platform to reach our customer base!


Through a three step process (which involves our in-house team eating a lot of tiffin!) we verify tiffin service providers to ensure that three standards are met – quality, cost and promised delivery time.


Once we are satisfied with our verification, the service provider is enlisted with us, usually, with a life time registration, which is updated periodically. We create a web space for our enlisted service provider complete with menu, contact details, delivery notification and customer reviews.


This is where we need our customers’ help. User reviews are the most robust way to get the word out about a service provider – good or bad. These reviews feature prominently on the tiffin service provider’s web space. And star reviewers may have a surprise in store for them, exclusively from!